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NYC Crime Map

Explore crime rates in New York City based on geographies like neighborhoods, ZIP codes, boroughs, police precincts, community districts, or city council districts.
Compare crime rates between different districts and for specific crime types.

Interactive map here:

NYPD reports crime data for 7 major crimes in NYC.[1] In PediaCities uses that data to calculate crime rates for different geographies [...]

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Invisible Open Data

On the Internet, there is the concept of the Deep Web – “large parts of the web that is not reachable by search engines.”  By one estimate, 80% of the information on the web is “invisible.”
On the Open Data front, I submit that a lot of government data is also “invisible”, with a large majority [...]

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Vision Zero – Visualizing Traffic-Related Fatalities

When I first moved to NYC back in ’91, part of my weekly ritual was to haul my laundry to the laundromat.  I stayed with my brother in Maspeth back then, and the nearest laundromat was on the other side of Queens Boulevard on 69th street.
Even then, Queens Boulevard was known as the “Boulevard of [...]

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Ontodia created the PediaCities platform to curate, organize, and link data about cities. Check out our first PediaCities knowledgebase at for a demonstration of what clean linked data looks like. Ontodia was founded in 2011 by Joel Natividad and Sami Baig following their success at NYCBigApps 3.0, where they won the Grand Prize for NYCFacets. The PediaCities platform, with NYCpedia as the first PediaCity, is our attempt to add value on top of NYC’s incredible open data ecosystem.